Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Greetings from Portland, Oregon.  I am in a fancy studio about to start recording a new album.  Garf is playing drums and the producer, Willie, and producer's helpers, Tony and Jason, are in the sound room listening to his tones.  I am pondering the idea of making this album something edgier than what I'd planned...  there is a vitality I'm after.  I want this to be the most political album I've released and I want to cut way back on the buffoonery.  My comedic and sex-injected live shows serve a purpose, but they also distract and deprecate.  The political raps that I want to record have elements of humor, but they also have a seriousness about them.  I think juxtaposing them with my acoustic, heart-scarred, working-stiff songs would communicate what I want to say right now.  The songs I'm thinking of will have an array of influences-- from Michael Moore to Eminem to Johnny Cash.  The challenge, for us in this studio, is to let them be their own thing. 

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