Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Why are the Democrats trying to undermine the dignity of our President? They say he can't even ride a horse. Well, that's a low blow if I do say so myself. Who cares if we can't ride horses-- at least we know how to fly jets!

(Links courtesy of Goose.)

Aside from me and Dubya, there are fellows who do know how to ride horses. One of whom is my uncle Josh Sand, who is recovering from a sextuple-bypass heart surgery as I write this. Josh has had hip problems for years but he's always been one of the best team ropers around in spite of his pain. Just this year he won a brand-new saddle for his achievements in South Dakota's "Rope, Stroke, and Poke" competion which is a sort of triathalon featuring steer roping, golf, and billiards. He was also the best wrestler in North Dakota in his high school days for his weight class. My dad was good, too-- good enough to wrestle in college, but no state champion like Josh. My dad was a good horseman and still is, but after busting up his back at age fourteen, when he got thrown, he had no further thoughts about the rodeo. I learned to stay away from that sport although me and my 2nd-cousin, Dusty, used to ride calves and yearlings (and pigs when we were younger, but pigs bite!). As for horses, I used to ride a lot but I do my best to avoid them anymore. Little JOE rides fine. Someday I'll probably resaddle but until then I like to drive.

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