Friday, October 17, 2003

There has been a warm, tropical rain making my village soggy for the last forty-eight hours. The black walnuts that cluster on the oak tree above my shack's roof have been dropping like grapefruits and waking me up throughout the night. These nuts are deadly; if you don't get hit directly by one, you twist your ankle on it after it's fallen. The flesh around the walnut turns sticky and black and is harder to clean up than dog poop. There is a hard wind blowing right now.

I have not been motivated to do much of anything for the last week except fret about finding a job. By month's end I will be forced into something, and I want it to be interesting whatever it is. All my worrying has made me shell-shocked and worthless and so I watch movies and the baseball playoffs and the Country Music Channel and Comedy Central and visit friends and graze. I played poker last night and lost big. My last two serious girlfriends, Jen and Nina, have been nice to me this week. I have two new room-mates since I returned, Kara and Lilli and they are very pleasant people. I spent three hours with my 10-yr-old friend, Lucinda, today. She's a child genius. We watched Daddy Daycare (Eddie Murphy). My friends in Dub Narcotic Sound System, Calvin, Chris, and Heather, flipped their van somewhere in Montana and almost died last night. I'm talking multiple broken bones and potential reconstructive face surgery for at least one of them. Calvin got airlifted to Billings. I pray they are all okay. This has been a rough year for Calvin. In the Spring he cut, or rather mashed, his finger off in a letter press. The doctors sewed most of it back on, fortunately.

I'd better hit the sack.

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