Thursday, October 23, 2003

This from Elle in Winona, MN: "I've listened to Slippery Goodstuff several more times, enjoying it more every time, and paying more attention to the story line.  Although I can understand how your listeners might get err... distracted.  In any case I'm a big fan of your epic tale and the postmodern hero/cowboy Slippery Goodstuff."

That's cool. Yes, I've been slowly planting seeds across the country, no pun intended. SLIPPERY GOODSTUFF IS FOR SALE. The first ten people had to pay $15 a copy because I was very zealous and regarded my creation as an illicit drug. My views have changed, though, and now I want to mass produce the S.O.B.!!! Let's roll, people-- $10 covers shipping and handling. Don't make me go down to $5, 'cause I will. Q: Has he lost his mind??? A: YESSSSS HE HAZZZZZZZZ. Be forewarned though, it's not a children's album. That will be next... maybe... Fragile relatives and friends I recommend for you to turn your gaze. It's now time to slap a parental advisory sticker on the cover and march to indie-rock glory; cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching- the sound of golden nuggets in my slipper... infamy.

Send checks to: Chris Sand/ 105 N. Sherman/ Olympia, WA 98502.

(L-one-r Records is back.)

p.s. don't forget that A Year in the Life of... Slippery Goodstuff is a collaboration with Beatmaster Shawn "Nerviz" Parke. He's the d.j., and I'm the m.c. I helped him with some of the beats and he helped me with some of the lyrics and to break it down it goes something like this: c. 2003 Sand/Parke. The cameos are off the map with at least seven divas making marvelous appearances and the fantastic turntablism of Blandow Charismium. Samples from Humphrey Bogart, Debbie Harry, E-40, the Bee Gees and much more (don't tell anyone, though). You 'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cum, you'll sleep. Tell yr friends.

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