Monday, October 27, 2003

It looks like I'll be working a couple more full days of $13/hr. tree-removal this week. This isn't such a bad life as long as I can keep paying the bare minimum of bills and nothing goes wrong with my car or body. To be realistic, though, I need more than the bare minimum. In the meantime, though, I'm enjoying ample time with friends and nature and music. Last night I went on my first real "date" in a while. Jen Grady and I used a $100 gift-certificate that her parents had given us last Christmas to Jazz Alley. We saw Pancho Sanchez and his latin jazz band and ate delicious gourmet dinners of salmon and crab as we watched from a table near the stage. Eventually we salsaed and meringued in the aisle and the music sounded even better that way. The evening was perfect-- a tropical vacation in Seattle.

(I long to travel to Ecuador, South Africa, Thailand, Greece, New Zealand, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Argentina, North Dakota. Even Alaska has been calling my name of late. I'd wait until July, of course...)

Today I racked up my credit card even more with the purchase of a $75 boom-box. It's a good one, though, and much needed as I don't have anything that will play CDRs and yet half my CDs are CDRs.

The News is bumming me out lately. Lots of people are still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan and there's really no end in sight to when the misery will end. Ironically, this news makes me want to kill someone. (No one in particular, just someone). I read that suicides in the USA have risen ten-fold since our bombing campaign began two years ago. That's hard to stomach. Maybe it's just the depressed economy or something else... like the proximity of Mars. Maybe we should blow it out of the galaxy. Die, little red planet! Die, little green space-maggots! Die! I hate you!!! Tears of cosmic rage. Bitter American Death Song.

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