Sunday, October 12, 2003

The 2003 Black Carhart/Edgar Allen Coal Fall tour is officially over and it was a grind. Now I will start over. Now I will wash my clothes. Now I will buy some cheese for the fridge. Now I will wear different shoes. Now I will drink more fluids and get a massage. Now I will excercise and look for a job. Now I will visit friends who feel I have abandoned them. Now I will make firm decisions about where to live. Now I will apologize to Carl for cancelling that meeting last month. Now I will study puppetry. Now I will catch up on sleep. Now I will hunker down for the long, cold Winter and become a bigger, more passionate man. Now I will make dreams come true. Now I will embrace reality and raise a family. Now I will become a porn star/director/fat king of happiness spell-bound death carpenter. Now I will fly inward. No depression... no depressing my reading audience... no re-pressing my past releases... recess.

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