Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The USA turned 230 today! Earlier this year, a tortoise named Adwaita died at age 250 in India, so I guess we're still a relatively young country. But still, 230's a big, glorious birthday.

I do, however, wish our country had the revolutionary chutzpah of Tom Paine, Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Patrick Henry, John Locke, Samuel Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, but such is the law of diminishing returns. Maybe a new crop is out there; little girls and boys, watching fireworks tonight from country hills and urban highrises. God speed you, young prophets!

Dad and Grandpa rode in both the Dunn Center and Killdeer parades. Here's a shot of Dad in Dunn Center in front of the Lutheran Church, just before the parade commenced. Dad's somewhat of a pagan, but deep down he's got a little bit of the Christ-like Galahad watering his soul.

The feast in Dunn Center Park went better than expected. I was worried we wouldn't get 200 people, but close to 500 showed up. Dunn Center has probably not hosted that many people at one time since the early '80s.

Live music was supplied by my pals, Marvin S. and Inky P.

I'm glad Homesteader Days is over, though. I need rest.


Anonymous said...

is that you driving the 4 wheeler?

Chris Sand said...

nope, i delegated that job so i could set up the sound-system at the park.