Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dad and I worked on my house after I finished up at the Museum today. We scraped some of the old lead paint off the siding. We knocked out the bathroom closet walls, so we can put the toilet there. We did some plumbing in the cellar, which is mostly just a big dirt spider hole. I plan to dig it out and make it into a spacious root cellar later this year. Tomorrow we might install a couple new windows.

It's a sweet house, nice and solid.

In other news, Mount Eerie & Calvin Johnson want to tour with me for a couple shows in late September. They draw big crowds, plus they're comrades from my Olympia days.

Next spring I want to tour with Timezone Lafontaine. He just got a passport so we can rock Europe. I've always wanted to visit Europe: Spain, Ireland, Norway, Croatia, France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Germany, England, the whole works. I need to get a passport.


Anonymous said...

yes, you do need a passport.
and you also need to add switzerland to your list. at the moment I'm staring at the 'little alps' as they're called in southern germany

Anonymous said...

you are forbidden to leave the country before you make a pass back down south... ivee

Chris Sand said...

evan- switzerland, indeed. and maybe swaziland while i'm at it!

ivee- this winter is all about the south. can't wait.