Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I had a brief, strange conversation with my granddad last night as he left to return to the mountain.

Grandpa: Are you batchin' it tonight?

Me: Yep, just me.

G: I'm not so sure about you.

Me: Whaddya mean?

G: I think you might have some secrets.

Me: No, I live like a monk.

G: Like a ten-year-old stud horse you do.

I'm don't know what he meant, but I don't think it was a compliment.


Anonymous said...

can't keep a secret from dear ol' gramps!!! you know he was young once too.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I'm not surprised by this random comment Grandpa made! So....what are your secrets???

Jenny Sand

Anonymous said...

tell the city folk, what are the attributes of a 'ten year old stud horse'???

Chris Sand said...

i'm not yet savvy, but i'll tell you when i find out.