Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tonight's show filled me with existential angst. But all in all it went ok.


Anonymous said...

Why? In what way?

Anonymous said...

I thought the show was awesome! It was so relaxing, you couldn't have asked for better weather. My kids had a great time. Claire was dancing up a storm. Katie is listening to your Good to Be Awake CD as she cleans the pantry and her room.

I enjoyed visting with your folks and just sitting in the grass singing along. Thanks for doing the performance, Chris.

Sarah M

Chris Sand said...

Thanks Sarah!
To anonymous: The reason for my angst is . . .

1. My set felt disjointed. I'm out of practice.

2. I like to please everyone and I felt like some of the elderly were perplexed and annoyed by my non-cowboy, cowboy persona.

3. I'm just naturally neurotic, and like to beat up on myself for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great show indeed! What's the title of the "keyboard song" (2nd to last song of night) and which album can I find it on?

Chris Sand said...

that song is called "time-released tattoo." it's not on any of my albums, tho. however, it's on a secret website that you can find if you follow the clues in my latest rap album, (return to) . . . the blackhole (of outerspace).