Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not only did it reach 90 degrees today, but life, in general, has heated up considerably. On Friday I flew to Philadelphia for a mini-vacation/tour. I played two shows there and spent quality time with friends Jan, Jessica, and Jonny (AKA "The Corndawg"). Upon returning to North Dakota, I found that my friend, Miranda, who is hitch-hiking with her pup, Osita, from Oregon to Michigan, had just been dropped off by a trucker in Belfield (50 miles SW of Killdeer). I picked her up at 11pm, and we all set up camp at my Dunn Center shack.

Miranda and Osita, by the way, plan to stay with me at least until I drive to Minnesota next Friday afternoon. I'll play three or four shows there and then hurry home for my Monday night computer class in Killdeer. The weekend after that, I'll perform two nights at Medora's 20th Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

After that things will start boiling at the museum--and stay that way for a few months.

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