Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I received two emails today from two people who've never met each other. Both compared me with Townes Van Zandt.

"I just saw the Townes Van Zandt documentary tonight and i just kept thinkin' about you. not the whole drunken falling short of your potential thing, of course, but Townes' dedication to the song and to the music...his ability to set everything else on earth aside and devote his life to his songs...i have seen that spark in your music too. i just thought i'd write to say that you enter my mind fairly often and i think you're a brilliant songwriter."
-M. from Minneapolis, TX

"I listened to Ghost on your webpage and I really, really like that has a very townes van zandt know townes never could seem to sit still, settle down, take care of his women and children, a restless man who died an early and tragic, anyway. In my experience . . . I've yet to meet someone with loads of unearthly talent who isnt restless and impaired in some way, and you Mr. Sand have got the kind of talent I'm talkin about."
-J. from Salt Lake City, UT



Anonymous said...

i dont know who townes is but i know that you would be ever devoted to your women and children.

Anonymous said...

remember i told ya a while back I wanted to come to ND and make a drug and destruction free version of Be here to Love me?...about you of course...

xo, FiFi