Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dear Mom,

I'm havin' a great time in Philly. Wish you were here! I'd take you to a delicious Liberian restaurant. Didn't you live in Liberia while in the Peace Corps in the '60s?

Well, gotta run! The show last night was great fun. I'll tell you more later.

Thanks for being such a great mom. I love you lots. Happy Mother's Day!

p.s. Jan, Fran, Schraga, and Jessica all say "hi!".


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Son! We just enjoyed dinner at the Buckskin with your grandparents and Margi and Kristin. Sat next to the Goodall clan and sang "Happy Birthday" to Patti, too. Everyone was happy to hear that you're having fun.

Your dad and I stayed at the mountain last night, as did Jan from BCA. We took long walks yesterday evening and this morning. We saw beaver, muskrat, deer, antelope, porcupines, rabbits, and various birds. One HUGE beaver came to within five feet of us as he dashed from dam to dam. He was so startled to see us!

Friday evening your dad and I saw a large bull snake on the road by the first gate. We were driving by, but we stopped to return its gaze for a while.

I talked to Grandma Herak earlier today. She loves the card you made for her. She was preparing for a family gathering at Nick and Karen's. Uncle Don will be there, too. He surprised her and Nick by sliding into the pew next to them at church this morning.

Please give our love to Jan, Fran, Schraga, and Jessica. Tell Jan we're still enjoying the Asian Pear Butter and remembering her delightful juggling and hat tricks.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I was in Liberia for two months in 1968, visiting a friend in the Peace Corps.