Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Hoots' are tired of their goat and offered to give him to me. With the cost of gasoline, it's tempting, 'cause I need a lawn mower.


Anonymous said...

Why are they 'tired of' the goat? Does it require more than plenty of grass to munch on? Is it a mischievious, metal-eating goat? Can it speak English, and if so does it have the personality of a talk-radio host? Must it be milked daily?

Chris Sand said...

Hey G.
What's crunkin'?
As to why they want to give the goat away, you nailed it on the last one. It needs daily milking--which, of course, wouldn't be so bad if it were a nanny. Unfortunately it's a billy, and he's a little too persistent, I guess.