Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm in a funk. It could be the frigid driving wind.

I don't want the fruit blossoms to freeze like they did last year.
(Dear God. Please take the ticks and deer flies instead!)

a) b) c)
a) choke cherries b) buffalo berries c) juneberries


Anonymous said...

do you think maybe you should move? you've seemed really down since moving 'home'. maybe you should go on the road... i know funds are low but you could find a way.

i'm sad for you. all the sprightliness is gone from you it seems.

then again... maybe when the weather changes so too will your outlook.

ooooh- here's an idea!!! this just came to me. get loans to the buy that huge community center building. call it an artist's retreat to draw old and new friends. allow them to live there for free in exchange for labor and supplies to repair it.


Anonymous said...

Cheer up pussywillow! It's gonna be 78deg. there tomorrow. See those bootstraps? pull yourself up by em'. Friends will be along soon. I promise!! xoxo

Chris Sand said...

in fact it was hot today. that didn't save the berries, tho', now did it? bah humbug. life is brutish and short. i'm goin' fishin'.