Monday, July 18, 2005

Today I said goodbye to my 88-year-old great-uncle Chris Sand. His children will be driving him back to California tomorrow so they can be nearer to him as he deals with cancer. He is my grandpa's last living sibling. He couldn't make it to the reunion due to his illness. During the music section Saturday night, I sang Ben Harper's "Waiting on an Angel" in his honor. Many were moved to tears. His smiling eyes and big laugh will be sorely missed out here.

A highlight of the reunion was meeting the new spouses of his grandkids (and my 2nd cousins) Jeff and Annie. Jeff Sand married a woman also named Annie. Jeff's sister, the original Annie Sand, married Ellery Williams last month. Now she's Annie Williams. I'd met Ellery four years ago in Hollywood at a show. Both he and Jeff's new wife are awesome! It's like I've gained new siblings.

Here's a wedding picture my cousin Jenny Sand took of Annie and Ellery:


Anonymous said...

that's an awesome picture... the heavens were cooperating.

did he come out because you were the cousin of his girlfriend... or was it just a happy coincidence that you two recalled meeting?

Chris Sand said...

He's been Annie's boyfriend for six years. He came with her that night to meet me.

Anonymous said...

They are a really good looking couple. They are going to make beautiful babies.