Thursday, July 21, 2005

I've been too busy with family stuff to regain the spark of inspiration that drives positive journal entries. Until I catch up on sleep, watch a video or two, strum my guitar, and have a day all to myself to regain my peace-of-mind, I'll be pretty useless. I'm an introvert trying to live in a extroverted world. I'm a late-nighter stuck in an early bird's chicken coop. Covered in chicken poop. With a soul that's allergic to chicken soup.

Every morning Dad makes gruel for the both of us. I'm grateful for his efforts but it sure doesn't taste good anymore.

I gotta get out! But where to go? The profits I make are too minimal to pay rent somewhere and pay off debts. Geez, I'm a loser for sure. I'm not depressed about it-- just puzzled.

"Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge..." That's the best hip hop phrase ever written. All praise to Melle Mel and his masterpiece (with Grandmaster Flash) "The Message."

We all want freedom. Freedom from our gilded chicken coops. Freedom from oppression, repression, suppression, and all our various obsessions. Freedom from pride, lust, anger, sadness, envy, jealousy, wishy washiness, and evil odors.

I just don't feel up for fight quite yet. I better get ready, though.


Spilly said...

First off - Melle Mel is the shit.
Second - Damn, brotha.. you rock! Heard you by chance. Some friends and I were in Bend, OR for a buddy's bachelor party and the van we hired to run us around was pumping your tunes (hell, I couldn't get Mr. Small outta my mind for weeks) and hot damn am I glad he was.

Chris, you kick ass. Seriously. I'm sure life is rough in ND, but you gotta stick it out. Let us know when you're back in the NW - I have many a people that would love to catch a show.


Anonymous said...

speaking of your tunes such as "I'm small"
what happened to them? we can't listen to them on the net any more.

Anonymous said...

Go see dylan and Willie nelson in Montana at months end. Do this before you die.

Chris Sand said...

Yeah, I took certain controversial songs off my website.

You can always buy the CDs, though. Just write me at:

Chris Sand said...

You made my day.
Thanks, Chris

Anonymous said...

do you sell your CDs at any of the local business places?
or ever consider doing so?

Chris Sand said...

By local do you mean Olympia?

Chris Sand said...

I might still have some CDs at Rainy Day Records and/or Phantom City in Oly.