Saturday, July 02, 2005

Mom, Dad, Teresa, Margi, Anne, Trista, and I just had a steak barbecue on the porch. Firecrackers are going off like Fallujah. The sky is salmon and maroon w/ spider web lightning to the south.

Killdeer's mosquito population got gassed two nights ago. The bats and birds are bug hungry. I caught a moth in my closet and set it free yesterday; within three seconds it lay pinched between a sparrow's beak.

Today at work I painted the flag pole. I couldn't reach the top ten feet, though. Then I weeded the garden. It was like a treasure hunt searching for the violets, nasturtiums, and marigolds beneath the dandelion, creeping jenny, crabgrass, and alfalfa.


Anonymous said...

what color are you painting the flag pole?

Chris Sand said...