Saturday, July 30, 2005

Today I witnessed a tiny Chihuahua hump a tiny Poodle on the side of the road in the grass. The poodle appeared unoffended...

Alrighty, then.

I finished The Da Vinci Code. I liked it. Multi-layered...

Ok, then.

Tonight was "Christmas in July" at Dunn County Museum--the second of four summer events I organized. Around 30 people attended. The kids played Santa-I-Over, bobbed for apples, and drew tropical designs on the sidewalks with chalk until Santa Claus showed up in his shiny red Chevy. "Santa" is a local professional Santa Claus named Arnie Havelka. He gets flown all around the country in the winter months (and paid big money) to play jolly St. Nick in various settings. Thus, he rarely gets to be Kris Kringle in his home area. The theme was "Santa's on Vacation," so we created a tropical setting at the museum. We had real-looking palm trees, flowers, coconuts, beach towels, pink flamingoes, and everyone was given a colorful lei to wear around their necks. We drank guava nectar punch and snacked on fudge. I played two songs: "Yodelin' Night Before Christmas Hitchhike Blues," which I wrote, and then "Silent Night."

I'm worn out. Aloha.

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