Monday, February 28, 2005

Today my house mate, Lenny, and I dug up blackberry roots. Lenny's awesome. He tells good stories to make the time zoom by. He's a mountain man / punk rocker / shaman / rave kid dee jay / modern day beatnik with a broken nose and tasteful shoes. He was raised by a single, Native American mom somewhere near Seattle in the country. His father was killed by a drunk driver when Lenny was two. The ladies (and gay fellas) love Lenny (but he's not gay). Some people call him "L-Dawg," or the "Dawg." For nine months of the year, the Dawg works as a field biologist at the Fort Lewis Army Base. While working he covers the tattooed Arabic writing on his wrists with long-sleeved shirts. Lenny's got a big heart and is generous with his cash flow. Even though we're the same age, I look up to him.


Anonymous said...

what do his tattoos say?

Chris Sand said...

They say "Toyota is good for holy war." Actually, I'm not sure what they say. I'll ask.