Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I received two kind-hearted emails today. The first is from Chickadee:

I had this cool experience with my oldest daughter Willow this afternoon and thought that I would pass it on. We were at home (with Violet the 3 1/2 year old) and kind of grumping around-doing housework, homeschool, chores. Three girls who were bored and a little short tempered. Willow asked if she could put some music on-asking me to choose between Eminem or Sandman. I chose Sandman. She put on her autographed copy of The Long Walk Home and we sat down for some lunch. I found myself singing along, and noticed that Willow was too. I began to realize that my mood was improving, the sun was coming out, and she and I started just grinning at each other between bites and singing lines. Gorilla began to play, and I told her that it was Peaches' favorite song. I told her about dancing with Peaches at the Tractor while you played that song, and how Baby Gramps was there (she's loved him since she was 2). She said "My favorite songs are the first two, but I really like Radio Works Fine and the one about his Email." I asked her what she like about them-the music, lyrics... She quoted a few lines that she loved, then just said that she loved everything about them. The she went through three other albums of yours that she was familiar with (I didn't realize that she listened to your music so much) and picked out her favorite songs on those as well.

In addition to it just sort of changing around the way our day was going-I really love that my preteen daughter, her 3 year old sister, and I can all enjoy the same music together. I love that it's sometimes political, sexy, poetic, outspoken-always full of genuine heartfelt emotion that transcends age or life experience. Thanks for creating (and especially for sharing) such awesome art.

The next one was from "d.":

i heard of you from crimethinc. and i was expecting a more explicitly political record. i'm glad you snuck in, though, because sometimes it gets tough being gung-ho revolutionary all the time. just want to throw up my hands and say 'i do not know what to do.' (Long Walk Home) was the best album i've heard in a long time. anyway, it's late here on the East Coast, so i'm getting to bed. i hope things are well.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! High praise! Congratz Chris... You deserve every bit of it..