Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sore throat. I hope I'm not coming down with what everyone else is; maybe it's just tree pollen. Spring has exploded like a volcano.

Today Jen Grady and I started recording a new cd. We put down seven songs: "Nebraska," "Jade's Song," "Johnson" (a name change of the Cash/Carter song "Jackson"), "Jack Potter's Courtin'" (a solo cowboy poem I recite, written by S. Omar Barker), "Sarina," and two Woody Guthrie kid songs--"Take You Ridin' in My Car, Car," and "Pick it Up." There mayn't be any raps on this album. Tuesday we'll record a few more and call it good. The cd will definitely be raw and entertaining. A nice guy named Bob is our producer; he sneaks us in to a studio at Evergreen.

This weekend I played two shows with Jen. Quinn, Jen's boyfriend, joined us on our journey. Our first gig was in Bellingham at the University. Jen sold a bunch of cds and I sold none. The next night we folked the Bird's View Grange Hall. I did better on merch sales at this show, but Jen sold almost as many even though her set was barely audible while mine was greeted with idolotrous jubilation! (Am I delusional? Can you see how brightly my ego flares?) The fact that, over all, Jen outsold me drove me mad. I kept calm until a college student asked if I'd be interested in playing a show in early April at the local Community College. I felt redeemed--until her brutal, next sentence... "Of course, Jen would be the headliner and you'd be the opener if that's cool."

In all sincerity, though, Jen Grady is a multi-talented musician, and her songs are as lovely as she is. If you'd like to buy her new cd, Beso Beso, let me know. They're $15 and are packaged in gorgeous, handmade, cloth coverings. If you want a copy of the album we're recording now, I'm taking preorders.

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