Saturday, February 19, 2005

I decided to dress up as a baseball player at tomorrow's costume ball. It will compliment my baseball card art show. Sweet. I'll also be part-time bartender and dee jay. Jupiter the Cat is sitting on my lap and breathing funny.

This morning Nina invited me over for steak and eggs. I gave her a pie for a massage she gave me last week.

Last night, in passing, I saw the WOMAN whom I'd like to call my inamorata. She still likes me! Sometimes being liked is better than being loved.

Who am I fooling? I want Cupid's intoxicating arrows to flood her toes like they do mine.

I'm a geek. I'm drunk.

Tonight I'll start writing my play: SAND PAN! It's sober and ugly--a reprieve from the gushing.

I'm not actually drunk, but, maybe should be. ; ) I need something to drown this aortic inferno. Water will do, I reckon. Or YOGURT! Something creamy and sweet like mama's milk. ICE CREAM!!! Which leads me back to Sand'll understand more later.


Anonymous said...

milkshakes! sucked with a straw. brings me back to those fleeting golden days of colostrum...

Anonymous said...

true. liking is good, loving is great, time is good, stretching on the floor is good, petting the cat is good, lying on a bed and talking is nice, too. you're nice. is rambling good?

Chris Sand said...

rambling, gushing, blushing, bleeding, bouncing, licking one's paws, and giggling are good.

flying monkeys are bad.