Wednesday, February 23, 2005

As for the Sand Pan preview request, I feel like it would be premature at the moment. He's too evil for our brains to digest, or our stomachs to comprehend. I'm in his grips until the final gory scene!

Sorry. Actually, there's nothing really gory about the Sand Pan story. He's immature, that's all. In creating a story line, I'm having to analyze my own immaturity. Slippery Goodstuff was immature, too, but in an unthreatening way. Slippery's demon was loneliness. Sand Pan's is anger. He is to be less comedic but more important. Slippery was bourgeois whereas Sand Pan is poor. Slippery was more "Tom Sawyer" and Sand Pan is "Huck + Jim."

Enough about Sand Pan. I have a confession--I will be at the poker tables tonight. I've resisted gambling for over a year, but tonight is officially the final Martin Apartments poker game, and I want to be part of the ceremony. For three years I lost money, friends, and dexterity in my right wrist after punching a mailbox. I will take $30 and not a penny more.


Anonymous said...

why is poker ending at the Martin? how did you make out? who was there? who were the big winners? more more more

Chris Sand said...

Poker's ending 'cause David's sick of hosting it, I think...I lost a lot...David and Pete won a lot...Andras and a guy named Keith were there...I had a miserable evening.