Monday, November 17, 2003

Uffda. My weekend was crazed. Played two very contrasting shows. The first on Whidbey Island where I sang outside next to the bay around a campfire and earned $100 (and was fed a gourmet salmon dinner). The second in Olympia at a smoky bar where I earned $4, (and had to pay $3 for my only drink of the night). The second show wasn't a complete disappointment, though, because I played it with drummer Chad Austinson. We did a predominantly country set and dressed the part. For it being our first show as a duo, we did well.

I have a cold and the weather is gloomy today. Saturday night I stayed up until 7:00 am and then woke up an hour later for a house meeting Sunday. In other words I only slept one hour in forty starting Saturday morning.

p.s. I edited last week's letter. Scroll down to see the changes. I may send it out today!

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