Monday, November 03, 2003

I'm helping Greg with tree removal today and tomorrow again. It's cold as hell! The frost on the car windows needed a diamond-bit chisel this morning. It snowed Saturday night and today I watched a tiny snowman melt (very slowly) over the course of the afternoon where we worked.

The benefit show went lovely. Blah, blah, blah. I need to go ice my back now as I tweaked my neck lifting the chipper. I got a groinal massage yesterday which felt very pleasurable but found myself needing to eat a bowl of candy afterwards to ward off the bad feelings. I guess bodywork can unleash ugly demons that hide in untouched corners of one's muscle fibres. Today I didn't feel too sharp, either, and Greg had to yell at me a few times. It ended well, though. Afterwards, I immediately went to the co-op and bought an avocado/coconut ice-cream bar. They're creamy like mother's milk. Now I think I'll eat some honeyed yogurt. And ice my back.

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