Sunday, November 09, 2003

Here's an unexpected letter from my mom:

Chris, we got the "Slippery" c.d. I sat down and listened to it today. I think it's amazing--shocking, crass, blatantly sexual, funny, poignant, brave, smart, and musically delightful. You did a good job with a good team of musicians and sound people. The women's voices are beautiful and work perfectly with yours. You are a remarkable artist and muscian, Chris. I don't know who I can ever share this c.d. with, but I look forward to listening to it again [with the volume turned quite low in this thin-walled apartment complex :-)].

Love, Mom

Don't take this as reason to play A Year in the Life of... Slippery Goodstuff for your grandma, dear reader. It appears that my parents are just a little more liberal than your average middle-aged North Dakotans. Nice.

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