Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Hello World,

As I was browsing the web for new reviews I found this one:

Reviewer: Bannister Bergen from Los Angeles

"The Sandman is very simply, an island of musical originality in an industry of over-produced, studio-manufactured trite. A lyrical genius, his unique blend of folk, rap & country is a refreshing change to the stagnant waters of country/western music, and manages to magically combine 2 genres which have been at war for years.

This album focuses specifically on his folk talents, and seems to pay homage to the classic country music of the past (as opposed to the pop-stylings of today). No folk, or country collection is complete without this diamond in the rough."

Thank you Bannister. I'm tempted to play down your comments but won't; (wait 'til you hear Slippery, though).

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