Sunday, March 01, 2009

The "little" house concert two nights ago was BIG. Texans know how to party. Sold a ton of pillow cases, shirts, CDs, buttons, magnets, zines.

Returned to the Cowboy Gathering yesterday afternoon to meet up with Andy Hedges and listen to poetry.

Afterwards, we ventured to Billy Faier's shack in Marathon and traded songs 'til late.

Billy is a one-eyed banjo player in his late seventies who is a treasure-chest of music history and a great guy. He and Jack Elliot were amigos and toured together. He drove from New York to San Francisco with Woody Guthrie once, playing shows, and he also toured with Townes Van Zandt. Big Bill Broonzy tried to steal his wife. Billy Faier also "knowed" Dylan.

Mr. Faier is struggling financially due to health issues, including a botched eye surgery. To pay debts, he's selling off memorabilia.

The picture is of him and Ramblin' Jack from 1953.

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Anonymous said...

You are one lucky guy to spend time with a legend and historian like him!