Friday, February 27, 2009

Yesterday I casually mentioned to Tim at the Marfa Book Company that I wanted to silk-screen pillow cases. Turns out he had a fancy silk-screening operation in his basement I could use. And I did.

Marfa is magic, I'm thinking.

Attended the 23rd Annual Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Alpine today. My friend Andy Hedges happened to be performing. I had supper with him, Andy Wilkinson, Billy Faier, and a few other Texas troubadours. They invited me to swap songs around a campfire tomorrow night. I will.

Synchronicity, again!

Which reminds me . . . Andras Jones has just launched his new Radio8Ball website. If you have a burning question, ask his online oracle. Your question will be answered by one of 78 songs, each of which corresponds with a card from the tarot. Three of the songs he chose are mine.

Now for a little house concert at Buck and Camp's camp.


Flying Mermaid said...

Ain't life grand, when we get to float around in our magic bubbles?

Robert said...

I tried the Radio8Ball oracle--the first question was remarkably on topic. Then I asked about auditioning for a part in "Shakespeare in the Park." The song that came up was "Go Bama Go." It seemed positive to me.

Flying Mermaid said...

I couldn't make the damn thing work. But then my computer might be on its last legs....