Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm pretty sure last night's show at Harry's Tinaja in Alpine was one of my favorite (and weirdest) shows of this tour. I sampled too much of Cowboy Jonny's Mexican-bought sotol, though, and couldn't make it to a second set. That stuff sneaks up on you like a Gila Monster.

Spent a few hours yesterday putting together three Ikea dresser drawers.

I'm in Odessa now, driving north to the Hedges' home in Lubbock.

Farewell to all my new friends in Marfa! I'm so happy to have met you.


Charlene said...

I didn't know what Sotol was, so, I looked it up. Fascinating, Sandman...your symptoms are right on track!

Sotol |ˈsōˌtōl|

A North American desert plant of the agave family, with spiny-edged leaves and small white flowers. • Genus Dasylirion, family Agavaceae: several species, including smooth-leaf sotol ( D. leiophyllum).

• an alcoholic drink made from the sap of this plant causes one to spend afternoons putting together Ikea drawers for no apparent reason.

ORIGIN late 19th cent.: via American Spanish from Nahuatl tzotolli.

Anonymous said...

Tim Johnson is

Thanks for hanging out, Sandman.
And all the best, Tim of Marfa Book Company...

TK said...

Such adventures! Not the least of which were the drawers, I'm sure.

Give the Hedges my regards.

TK said...

I have made exactly one pair of knitted shorts. They were fun to make. Would you like a pair? I'd need some measurements, of course. ;)

Flying Mermaid said...

Wow, been some time since I've had any Sotol, though I did have a mystery guest the other night, and she brought with her a very special bottle of small still tequila you can only get in Mexico, the entire contents of which washed down the entire illicit contents of my freezer and and and, well, um....