Thursday, March 19, 2009

Austin is rawkin'. It's insane here, actually. I'm running into tons of friends from across the country. I spied former bandmate/girlfriend Jen Grady at a Lake show, for example. She let me crash on the floor of the house where her band was staying. Yesterday I had supper with Mirah. I'm also meeting new people, such as Mark Stuart, whose band is Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash.

My favorite show so far was an outdoor Rafter gig earlier this evening. Rafter crushes it.

1) The weather is perfect.
2) A grackle crapped on my head.
3) A cartographer named Theresa is letting me use her house as a base, starting today.
4) I'll drive to New Orleans someday soon.


Robert said...

I'll be in New Orleans from 3/24 to 3/31. Let me know, if you feel inclined, if you're around or if you're playing somewhere.

Chris Sand said...

i may be gone by then . . . we'll see. thanks for the heads up.