Thursday, February 26, 2009

Marfa, TX, is a tumbleweed revelation. The post office, laundromat, radio station, coffee house, library, and thrift store are all within a two-block radius. That's all a rappin' drifter needs, really, except for a meal now and then.

Here's where people eat: Food Shark. Best sandwiches ever, no lie.

I'm staying in Buck and Camp's old church (photo). They're the ones throwing tomorrow's house concert. Camp is a professional woodworking artist. His fantastic images of truckers, cowboys, wrestlers, beer cans, and guns take me on an excellent adventure. For Americana folk-art at its finest, see here.

This morning I was interviewed by Marfa Public Radio (KRTS). Deejay Tom asked some thought-provoking questions regarding cowboy cred. Auspiciously, the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering is happening this weekend just down the road in Alpine.


Fruit Thief said...

Hi, traveler. I'm sad I missed you on your extended Bisbee circuit, but I'm glad you got some kicks in with some good people. Heard you threw some awesome shows in the process. Happy trails, wherever they may take you. -Ro

Flying Mermaid said...

Wow, cool digs.

I've still never made it to Marfa, somehow.

So, um, cowboy, did you come by those bow-legs from riding the range? Or were you born with 'em?

Charlene said...

Marfa looks to me like a real fun time. Have a good gig tonight. They're gonna love you!

Chris Sand said...

Hi Rowena, Emily, Charlene! Thanks for the comments.

(E., I was born bow-legged, I think. But horses might've enhanced it some back in my formative years.)