Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm sitting in the lobby of a fancy old hotel in Douglas, AZ, using the free wi-fi. A guide is pointing to some scratches on the white marble stairs, up which Pancho Villa once rode his horse. I stayed in Silver City, NM, last night--home of Billy the Kid. Pat Garrett, Cochise, Wyatt Earp, and others lived here. Geronimo roamed all over this country.

I think I might live here for a spell, too.

Gregg and Kate in Bisbee have a round straw-bale hut they say I can inhabit. No electricity, no running water, and thirteen miles in the desert.

Sounds good.


Charlene said...

Hey there Sandman! That hotel in Douglas where you were sitting today is the historic Gadsden Hotel. Quite the amazing spot in the middle of our border town to the east of Bisbee.

Glad to have you around. You're pretty versatile with the costume changes, I might add. Love the cheese-puff tasting at Gretchen's today.

Paintress Gretchen said...

Thanks for Puffing with us today!

Flying Mermaid said...

Shut the fuck up, I hate you! (Oops, am I allowed to cuss on this here rag?)

Can't believe you were in Douglas and didn't come to the castle! Well, you got yours, slogging through the Gadsden internet! (The Gadsden was my first home in Douglas for my first 4 months here, while beginning to build, before I found a near-by shack to inhabit.)