Monday, December 29, 2008

Moses Lake, WA, is a disaster zone. Trucks and cars are in every ditch. I-90 is pure sketch. Dollar-sized snowflakes are descending.

Two other unfortunate items of the day: Pearl Drop's headlights are fading. And I pinched a nerve in my lower back this morning and can't move.

That said, I am in good spirits! Both shows yesterday were great. Emilie, in Spokane, also baked a birthday cake. She used dried blueberries to write "38" on the white frosting.

I forgot to mention that I became friends with Sanjaya's grandmother in Hot Springs just before leaving town yesterday morning.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday (somewhat belated) chris.
i should tell you that my grandma has 3 non-family photos on her mantle. they are her favorite musicians.
and they are posing with her. i think she maybe even sent copies of the photos in her Xmas letters to people.
they are:
Daniel O'Donnell (Irish pride of Branson MO)
Chuck Suchy (NoDak's centennial troubadour)
Sandman (he's even more handsome in person)

Sarah said...

Thirty-eight is gonna be great!

Moses Lake is where I was born so it wasn't always a disaster...I blame Father Christmas for that one...

Hot Springs! Yay yaaa! Now you're talkin