Friday, December 05, 2008

Portland, Oregon, is in the midst of a TV advertising campaign to promote the downtown. They've made five thirty-second vids that highlight different angles of downtown commerce and entertainment. Each one is augmented by a song.

To promote the Portland Outdoor Store, they used a clip from "Roll Out, Cowboy," which you can view here:

My friend Khaela, of The Blow fame, also had a song featured. It's the first one, about chocolates. We're both lucky to have our mutual friend Forrest Martin working for the advertising firm. We both were paid $500.

They used a part that doesn't feature my voice except at the very end where I'm goin' "yeeeeehehaaawwwww!" The first voice is an old Harry Jackson sample, and then Camo comes in and says, "he's got class, he's got style, he's got some fuuunk to him." Carl Dexter produced the song.


Anonymous said...

"Roll Out, Cowboy, the glory years...

Robert said...

I've seen the ad on TV a few times here in Portland. Way to go!