Sunday, December 28, 2008

Coeur d'Alene, ID, which is having its snowiest December in 100 years, is a slushy mess. My boots and socks are wet from walking through thrift store parking lots. Today is my 38th birthday. I'll play two shows today. The first at Long Ear Records, where I'm typing this. Then I'll drive to Spokane for a house concert at friend Emilie's. Last night I stayed at another Emily's house. She made a white-frosted carrot cake for my birthday. : )


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Brother & safe traveles (get on some dry socks)!


Mahatma Spud

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris !!

GooseKirk said...

Happy birthday, Mr. Sand!

Can I say "keep on truckin'" now?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Chris! My daughter Courtney "loves" her birthday cd of your's! It was a pleasure having you as my telephone guest on yesterdays "Crossroads" show @ KYRS-LP, Spokane, WA. I look forward to a "live" guest appearance on a return trip to Spokane!

"Crossroads" Bob ;>)