Monday, December 01, 2008

Awoke at six a.m. Pink sunrise! Meditated on God (briefly). Tea of marshmallow root. Jogged through field. Bran flakes. Five letters to post office. Tour work. Bagel, cottage cheese, and pineapple. Tour work. Clothes washed. Sleepy. Clothes dried. Stained cedar porch steps red. Asparagus, hamburger, and rice. Loneliness.

Alas, a friend is dying.

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Anonymous said...

hey chris,
you might like this song, "the hermit" or something like that. i've got it on cd, but i hear you can get it on your website too. or check your myspace. yeah, it's a good song...right up your alley.
(seriously, i hear you friend)
-lonesome shorty