Sunday, February 10, 2008

Received an email today from a high school student in Bismarck:
i was crashing at a friend's house and she had a really big box of cds that she was gonna take to the pawn shop. i stayed up all night and listened through them, and your stuff was really good so i bought it from her, i had no idea it was local, i figured you were some long dead indie legend or something.
I like the "indie legend" part, but not so much the "long dead" part.

By the way, if anyone wants to sell me back any of my first three CDs or nine tapes, let me know. I'll pay way better than a pawn shop.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a high-schooler to make you feel old huh? And what's with the friend getting rid of vintage Sandman. Like whatEver man that's soOo Lame.

Anonymous said...

sad...super sad

lady L