Saturday, February 23, 2008

I am now officially the Reverend Chris N. H. Sand.

I sent Rose Ministries, of Las Vegas, $90. In return, I received a certificate of ordination, two "how-to" wedding books, five ready-to-use wedding certificates, an "official business" clergy parking placard, a clip-on clergy badge, plus a few other things. I considered being Cleric or Pastor, but decided on Reverend.*

I took this step because my friends Autumn and Brian asked me to officiate at their wedding this June. They made the request via a cryptic cell phone text message, and I thought they were joking. I flippantly responded that of course I would perform the ceremony. The next day, in a long grateful email from Autumn, I discovered they were sincere.

So, as Paul Harvey says: "Now you know…the rest of the story."

*My old band, The Workhorses of Yesteryear, had two Reverends in it--Rev. Camo Davi & Rev. Asher D. Dudley. I was the only layperson.


Anonymous said...

Different states have different laws. In the state of Montana anyone can officiate over a wedding. What is needed is a consenting legal age man and woman, a marriage license and witnesses. My daughter's wedding was officiated by a very close family friend with no "credentials".

Anonymous said...

just yesterday, the Reverand Eddie Danger asked for a Winona show on May 9th...and asked if possibly you could be on the bill. he also asked me to remind him to tell the story about "*how come you never play together".

*something to that effect, more cryptically of course.