Saturday, February 09, 2008

Performed three songs tonight at the Prairie Rose Annual Show in Dickinson: "Sarina," "Friendster Testimonial," and "Ballad of a Salad"--all love tunes off Good to Be Awake. Other acts included the Dickinson High School Choir, Silver Sage (pictured), Lance Rustand & Lacey Perhus, and the Prairie Rose Chorus. Sold seven CDs.

I was thanked at end of show by a gal who called me "The Rockin' Cowboy." Made me chuckle.

The word "chuckle" always makes me chortle.


The temperature is -9 F. Shawn "Raging Hormones" Goodall just called to say that all three Washington mountain passes are closed, due to snow. Our Monday trip might be delayed.

"Raging Hormones," you ask? That's Shawn's CB radio handle, or at least it used to be. I've only heard Shawn use the CB once. Truckers mostly use cell phones now, keeping the other handy for backup.

My CB moniker is "Hollywood," compliments of Shawn. I have yet to actually use the CB, however.

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