Monday, March 19, 2007

P.O. Box 7 is my lucky mail locker, cz most days I get a package or two. Just random gifts that people mail. Some folks send simple post cards. Others send friendly letters filled with random chotchkas: gum, dollar bills, hair, photographs, baseball cards, stickers, and checks for CD purchases. Today, Doug & Kathy sent me an orange plastic moose named Tyrone who plays banjo. His antlers poke through his cowboy hat. If you press on his sheriff's badge he sings country music and raps.

Grandpa came from behind to beat Grandma and me in Pinochle tonight. We drank beer and ate pizza first. Supper conversation revolved around the dust bowl days of the early '30s. Grandma remembers there being so many grasshoppers that it was challenging not to slip on their guts--even on gravel roads.

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Anonymous said...

this reminds me of my other famous band (not the nashville superstars), the Zinghoppers.

My Buddy Jack is in that band too, along with me, Coconuts the Kangaroo and my friends Penelope the Possum and Olo the Burro...sometimes known as Brandon, Julia, Cara, Alex, and other people you maybe don't know.

anyways, long time since i wrote anything...still paying attention.