Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dunn Center was as alive as it gets today. Close to 150 people--standing room only--attended the annual St. Patrick's Day event at the Dunn County Museum. The first performers were the Prairie Belles, an all-woman bluegrass trio from the Halliday (North Dakota) area. Then came the Fiddle Kick Cloggers, a great dance troupe from Dickinson. Five blocks away, at City Hall, the Senior Strutters sold pie and ice cream. In the evening the Ilo Bar provided corned beef and cabbage with green beer to the music of the Larsen Brothers from the Taylor area. The parade down Main Street was short and festive, lasting all of about four minutes.

My Aunt Christi & Uncle Ken are visiting from Colorado. Tonight I listened to Ken and Grandpa tell some good horse stories. As a boy, Grandpa almost lost his life in some close calls with runaway horses. Ken told about a barrel racer friend of his who got kicked in the face and blinded when she was eighteen. Ken's dad, Walt, who happens to be in the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame, got all his teeth kicked out when he was a youngster. My cousin Nikki got the top of her scalp peeled back by a horse's hoof when she was four. I know lots of other painful stories; anyone out here can reel off a few. Fortunately, I've never been kicked, bitten, or dragged by an equine--only shied off.

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