Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My first two days back at Dunn County Historical Museum have been busy. I'm setting up a St. Patrick's Day event for the Museum; assembling our sixteen-page quarterly newsletter, "Tales & Trails"; reconnecting and brainstorming with Museum Committee members; catching up with emails and phone calls; designing a Museum website; and shoveling snow and ice. Coffee is my best friend this week. I've got a good life, though, no question. And in the evening I read. The current book I'm digesting is Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope.


Anonymous said...

I am reading the Obama book too. I wrote to him regarding his comment on (pg. 97 - I think)the Greek governments being the only ones for the Founding Fathers to look to for any type of organized government. I stand to differ and referred him to The Forgotten Founders by Bruce E. Johansen (check it out - it is published on the web) - how the Iroquois Confederacy governed wtih representatives and Ben Franklin hung out with them quite a bit. Our democracy is most likely modeled after that. Other than that piece - I like the book - I like Barrack Obama too. - Obama for President!

Hey- great house! I like ND. I grew up there - lived there for 32 years. Now I live in MT and work with your mom at SKC.

Anonymous said...


Speaking of Obama, when are you coming back to Illinois? There are some loyal fans in the Champaign-Urbana, Bloomington-Normal area that would love to see you live sometime.

Illinois fan