Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dad, Gramps, and I had planned to ride horses in the badlands with a group of folks today, but Gramps wasn't feeling up to it. So instead, we drove out to their camp along the Mah Da Hey Trail and ate supper where they were camping. Grandma came along, too. It was a beautiful and warm night with a big harvest moon and lots of mule deer. I spun off ten or so songs, poems, and raps to the group. Grandpa did some, too. He sang "Barbara Allen," "Frankie & Johnny," and "The Old Chisholm Trail."

Grandpa singing "Barbara Allen."

Swede Nelson & Judy Goldsberry waltzin' to "The Goodnight-Loving Trail."

Me singing "Saddle Bum."


Anonymous said...

have you got your gramps singing recorded at all? (not for the public necessarily, but for you and your family?)

Chris Sand said...

I don't have any recordings of him singing. That's a great idea, actually.

rhein said...

just stopped by to say hi. so, Hi:)

Chris Sand said...