Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My parents and I just drove in from Montana. It was great to have some quality time with Grandma Herak. I played a short show at her assisted living home yesterday. I did a regular show Sunday evening at my Aunt Bryher's coffee house in Basin, MT. More on that tomorrow.

My good friend Trisha visited me from Washington while I was in Montana. It was fun showing her the Mission Valley and Flathead Lake.

Now it feels good to be back in North Dakota! I can start shipping out the new CD, Love's Hangover Sale II. Here's the address for ordering:

Chris Sand
PO Box 265
Killdeer, ND 58640

The cost is $15. There's no charge for postage if ordered before December 1st. After that postage will be added, because the CD has unique cloth packaging that costs extra to make. If you order more than one of any of my CDs, you can subtract $5 for each additional CD.


Anonymous said...

The return to the back hole of outer space is about the most amazing record i've heard in years. the choruses give heiro a run for the money. catchy, gritty, polished fantastic. I listened for 5 straight hours, seriously.

Chris Sand said...

Thanks for that sweet review. Who is Heiro? Who are you? Only 4 or 5 people have heard this cd in full yet, so you can't be that anonymous. (I'm guessing Tom).