Saturday, December 11, 2004

What can I say in fifteen minutes? I'm sort of on a mini tour of the Northwest right now. In an hour I play at 3B Tavern in Bellingham. Tomorrow I'll finally play the Tractor Tavern which, amazingly, I've never been to. Many people over the years have told me that the Tractor is the place I need to play.

I killed time today shopping at thrift stores. Value Village had its Ten-Year-Anniversary-Blowout Sale today--everything was half off--so I bought eighty-five pillow cases. I also found some holiday gifts, a "live" Jackson 5 casette-tape, a couple t-shirts, and a Robin Hood vhs-tape starring Errol Flynn from 1938.

I've slowly been letting people know that I'm moving away from the Northwest. It's a sad topic of discussion that I don't enjoy. I'd rather slip away into the soggy, foggy dew and just pretend that I'm on another long tour...and will return. Maybe I will. God knows.


Anonymous said...

but where are you going?

Anonymous said...

North Dakota or St. Paul, MN.