Saturday, December 18, 2004

Today's journal entry is number two in a series of letters I've received this week that made me happy.
i was scootin through's site, looking at nifty stuff, and saw you mentieond... checked our your site (awesome music...) :-) and i have a strangestrange question - my friend nick, a crazy lad in spokane who knows all thismusic-stuff and makes wacky cd's for people (guy i'm Cc'ing this to), made me atape a few years ago after one of those sad-breakup-thangs...kind of a 'cheer uplittle davey cause a girl broke his heart' tape w/ a random mix on it...somelounge'y stuff, flaming lips, some alt-tex-mex, peacemakers, kids-in-the-hallspoken-word, etc - weird, assorted voodoo stuff...and this little ditty by thisguy about a dog he had named 'nutcrunch' and a friend named 'backstab...'and after like 5 years that tune goes thru my head at odd times, and i alwayslaugh and it has pulled me outta the dumps at peculiar times...and hearing your tunes on yer site made me think that might've been iright/wrong/utterly misled and nuts? lemme know if you can...and keep on amigo...beautiful, amazing stuff. :-)

peace, tofu grease...d_______
My answer was yup--"Heartbreak Was Her Name" off of Roll Out, Cowboy (1996).

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