Saturday, December 25, 2004

In regards to yesterday's euphoria, it's not like I won a lottery or found out Dubya lost the Ohio recount. It's more like I fell in love with an idea. Had a vision. Visions for me are as exciting as attaining said vision. To talk about it, though, I'm cautious, like a goat on a rocky ridge--hopefully not just coy or coquetish. Dammit, I'll eat grass and spread pellets when my cloven hooves clatter closer to the clover. (Alliteration has destroyed my integrity as a writer.)

Here's some more good news, though--Oregon Dept. of Kick Ass (Odoka), whom I've worked with before, have announced their intentions of filming a documentary on me/my travels. The filming would begin in less than a week, and might carry over into the Summer or Fall.. The best part of the process would be cruising around with Bill and Vanessa, and finding mischief to be part of.

I spent the first half of today scraping mold and cracked paint off the ABC House bathroom ceiling. Then I puttied and primed the walls. At 7 pm, or so, Trisha came over. We cooked a meal and then rented Napoleon Dynomite, which was really good. When she left I gave her eight "Sandman" t-shirts to send to her Cuban friends. She's making a big care-package. If I ever get depressed again, just remind me that someone in Cuba might be wearing my ugly shirt. I wish it were legal to visit.

I'm burning the 3 a.m. oil again. Merry Christmas!

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