Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Two of my friends, Jen and Quinn, are vacationing in Thailand. I relievedly just received this email from them:

"We are ok...we were on a boat when it hit, but in the gulf of thailand so we did not feel it...in fact i think you in the states found out about the magnitude of the quake before we did...we were on a train heading north for 30 hours! it was not until a couple of teenagers from bangkok filled us in and we saw the local thai newspaper...what devastation! we are going to give blood today here in chaing mai... we are very safe...thanks so much for your concern!"

My best pal from middle-school, Alan, lives in Thailand. I have yet to get a reply from him, but he lives inland so he's probably dry. I send out prayers to all who have been shaken and broken by the mighty tsunamis in Asia. How terrifying it must've been!! Wow. Enough said.

According to the clock, my birthday has begun. I'm 34. Not quite middle-aged, but not exactly green. Jesus died at age 33, right? Not me. I'm like a Rolex watch. Samsonite luggage. Keith Richards. Duracell. Then again, Jesus pissed off a lot more rich people than I have. Thus, death. My personal philosophy is to welcome all the rich bastards into my arms and then squeeze them like bees until my teeth fall out.

I've been tiling all day today. More tomorrow. I feel a cold coming on.


Anonymous said...

miracle 'cure' for colds: Zicam... it's a 'homeopathic' remedy sold at most drugstores. it comes in several forms: tablets, losenges (sp?), gel, etc... it shortens the cold and makes symptoms much less horrible. all the boxes are bright orange. highly recommended... Happy Sandmas!

Anonymous said...

cold cure # 2. Take care of your feeble immune system

Chris Sand said...

Thanks for the advice. Who says my immune system is so feeble, though? Ha! I kicked my cold w/ garlic, oranges, birthday cake, and beer.